#StillsLoves Cyclone24

Being an event sponsor, we’re slightly biased in our opinions here, but Cyclone24 is most definitely something to be celebrated.

Cyclone24 is an epic cycling challenge.

Riders lap a velodrome track in teams of six, continuously relaying for 24-hours. Yes, 24 whole hours.

Cyclone24 challenges strength, determination, team spirit – and lycra. But more importantly, it’s all done in the name of charity, and with £60,000 having already been raised, Cyclone24 is looking forward to building on that success in 2017.

To get a real feel for the event, check out this video from last year’s most competitive of teams, Rogue Resolutions:

Cyclone24 is an event which demands months of organising, enthusiasm and energy from its organisers, so thankfully its got Zoë Westerman behind it. Zoë’s not just the face of Cyclone24, but she’s also the heart and soul of it too:

“In 2014 I set out to create a team challenge event which would raise funds and awareness for charity whilst promoting responsible business, ticking the corporate social responsibility box and promoting employee engagement. A corporate challenge for businesses to engage in and support a local charity.

Around this same time, cycling was growing massively in popularity, with many citing ‘cycling is the new golf’. Golf participation in the UK had fallen and cycling had boomed. Corporate hospitality trends had also changed with many companies preferring to undertake physical activity or unique challenges as opposed to more traditional entertaining drinks and dinners. It was due to these factors that I chose a cycling event. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was around 15 at this stage!

As there were a number of charity cycling events already happening across Wales and the UK, I knew that this challenge event had to offer more. Charity mass participation trends were also changing, so the event needed to be unique, offer something truly tasking, be more than the run of the mill cycle.

I noticed that Stills had held a couple of corporate cycling days at the Wales National Velodrome for their clients and so I started talking to Steve about the possibilities of a charity challenge at the velodrome. It was in these conversations that Cyclone24 was born!”

That’s that!

For more information on Cyclone24, or to sign up, click through to the website here.

Cyclone24 most definitely deserves our #StillsLove.


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