What do you feel about the brands that you love?

We’re Stills, creative consultants inspired by emotional connections. We help people to use emotions when they want to connect with their customers.

We know that the feelings created by great design, branding or even art don’t happen by accident or coincidence, but that they’re very deliberate.

They tell part of the thing’s story, they reveal a bit of its identity, and that reveal helps you to feel emotionally connected to it.

If you can get your audience to feel something positive about your brand, then you’ve managed to achieve what many only strive to do.

And that’s what we do, we connect.

So if you’re looking for someone to simply knock you up a name and a logo then we’re not for you – we can point you in the direction of a few competitors that will do that though if you’d like (tweet us).

But if you’re serious about elevating your brand to the next level then get in touch with us.

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