What do you feel about the brands that you love?

We know that the feelings a brand evokes don’t happen by accident or coincidence, they’ve been put there very deliberately to tell a bit of the brand’s story, created by design to let you feel what the brand is about.

Warm. Trusted. Inspired. Whatever it is, they’re things sewn into the fabric of a brand’s DNA. They’re part of what makes ‘the thing’ what it is, they’re a bit of its identity.

Those feelings aren’t being sold, they’re just there to help potential customers to feel an emotion, to feel connected.

A brand’s feelings are the almost imperceptible truth that joins the dots. If you can get your audience to feel something positive about your brand, then you’ve managed to achieve what many only strive to do.

And that’s what we do, we get your potential customers to actually feel an emotional connection to what you do. We’ve been doing it for 30 years.

It’s a bit synaptic. It’s a bit chemical. It’s a bit of a dark art. But through strategic thinking, some big ideas, great story telling, strong conceptual design, a bespoke tone-of-voice, and an almost unhealthy obsession with getting you the right results, we distil feelings for your brand.

So if you’re looking for a branding agency to just knock you up a name and a logo then we’re not for you – we can point you in the direction of a few competitors that will if you’d like (tweet us).

But if you’re serious about elevating your brand to the next level and would like to work with a friendly Branding Agency in Cardiff then give us a ring/E-mail/tweet/LinkedIn message… we’d love to hear from you.

After we’re done, you’ll be able to authentically tell your brand’s story better than you ever have before.